Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Opps! So maybe I didn’t post as soon as I said I would, but I’ve been busy with my other blog Colere District. Buut, lots of things have been going on. I got some cool things from the Container store so that I could organize my new found make up obsession a little better!

Cute huh? I can't wait until my NYX haul comes in! :] Pictures are sure to come! 

Also the hubs surprised me with a bunch of glosses. He got me 5 beauty rush tubes, two C.O. Bigelow lippies and a Liplicious tube in Fruit punch, YUMMY! I can barely wear this, all I want to do is eat it!

Left to Right: Beauty rush tubes; Hot Cocoanut, Vanillaminty, Lotta Colada & Juiced Berry. C.O. Bigelow-My favorite lip balm and a Liplicious tube in Fruit Punch!

From Bottom left they are Beauty rush tubes: Hot Cocoanut (sheer brown tint with gold flecks), Vanillaminty (Clear with silver [and blue?] flecks), Lotta Colada ( peachy gold gloss with medium coverage and beautiful gold shimmer, I LOVE this gloss!), Juiced Berry ( sheer red gloss with red and silver flecks) and Last but certainly not least, B&BW's Liplicious in Fruit Punch ( deep reddish pink, that transfers exactly like in the tube to your lips, and like all liplicious they are uber drool worthy!).

MMM! Make up :]


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