Friday, May 22, 2009


Doesn't she look so effortlessly chic? Ugh! I love this woman! Although her music is a bit boring IMO - as she hasn't done anything out of characher lately.. her style is always on point and I love, love, LOVE it!

No, thanks.

Boyfriend offered me prunes today. Never tried them; and by the looks of them - never will.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

FOTD: Golden/Brown/Pink

Yay! blogging...I've been kind of sick lately, so I haven't been able to post as regularly as I've been trying to... Buttt, I did a FOTD, so here goes :] Its a very simple, everyday look. I used my handy dandy 120 palette :D I always have fun with that big guy!

What I used:
Eyes: 120 palette (Colors 1,2,&3), UDPP, UD liquid Liner, Lancome eyelash primer, Benefit BADgal lash. Revlon eyeliner, Victoria's Secret eyebrow pencil, & Shu Uerma curler.

Face: Bare Escentuals flawless face brush, mineral veil, & medium tan foundation, Coastal Scents: duo-fibre , Med. Chisel , and eyeliner brush. . Mac medium tan pressed powder, Rimmel Blushes in Peach, and Spicy Nude as contour.

Lips: Styli- Style Line and Seal lip pencil in Pink Rose (not pictured, oops!), and Mac lipstick in Artisto-Chic.

What I did:
I patted #1 on the 1st third of the eyelid, as well as under the brow bone as a highlight.
#2 on the ball/rest of eyelid under crease.I then used #3 in the crease.

Since I'm not feeling to well I wanted to keep the face make-up light, so I  used Bare Escentuals and a touch of Rimmel blush. Peach was used on the apples of my cheeks, and Spicy Nude was used under the cheek bone as a light contour. The lips are pretty much self explanatory, just a quick swipe of Mac's Artisto-Chic :]

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Game: Season Finale

The season finale of the CW series ‘The Game’ is airing tonight at 8:00pm EST. Check out the synopsis of the episode:

After Janay (guest star Gabrielle Dennis) has a false alarm with the baby’s delivery, Melanie (Tia Mowry) decides she wants to get married to Derwin (Pooch Hall) right away before the baby arrives, even if it means giving up her dream wedding.
When Jason (Coby Bell) is arrested for assaulting Kelly’s (Brittany Daniel) boyfriend, Kelly rushes to be by Jason’s side and the ex-couple have an emotional moment.
Tasha (Wendy Raquel Robinson) finally admits to Kelly that she was the one who set Jason up with Camille (guest star Stacey Dash) and Kelly doesn’t take the news well.
Make sure y’all give the show some support. They find out whether or not they get renewed for another season at the end of the month.

All information courtosey of

Don't forget to tune in at 8:30 tonight for the season premire! I don't want this to turn into the Series Finale!!! TUNE IN! Even if you dont like it, just tune and and have the mute button on while ur online or something! :]

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Part deux (lol) of my weekend haul, even though it's about to be next weekend! I also just took advantage of the NYX anniversary sale, so those goodies are on the way too, eek! Oh, and next Thursday is the style warrior collection - CANT WAIT! There are so many items I want from this collection. Anywho enjoy the haulage :]


From L to R: A Cute little pencil case :] Vaseline with Shea Cocoa butter, MMM. I love this stuff, but more so for the winter versus the spring. But no worries! I bought my all time favorite Lotion/Body Spray combo- Fresh & Clean from Victoria's Secret :D the notes of apple and lime give it a perfect scent for the spring; kind of reminds me of Dolce & Gabanna’s Light blue :] I also bought this Knee/Elbow Lightener from Freestyle Beauty (similar to Sallys) Darker skinned girls will totally agree that these are problem areas, no matter how much we baby them, lol. Dove Intense Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner - this is the only shampoo that leaves a long lasting scent in my hair :) not to mention it leaves my hair feeling buttery smooth! LOVES IT. Febreze – L.E. scent, told ya'll, I’m a sucker for good packaging!...Which is also why I bought the ambulance band-aids! lol Sassy NP, such a spring color, it looks great on my toesies. L'oreal Deep conditioner (Great stuff!). NYX blushes in Spice and Pinky and a Lippie in Babydoll. Soap and Glory great shakes hand lotion, this stuff smells GREAT and is quickly absorbed :] And lastly, my Stili-Style line & seal pencils, two for lips in Rose and Nude and a Eyeliner in a gorgeous shade of this purple that just POPS. Can't wait to try this on out for a look :]

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weekend Goodies! Pt.1

After a project filled week at school and work back to back.. plus litte to no sleep all week I barely had a minute to just relax... I coped with this by bottling up all my stress until I just couldnt take it anymore and slept it off for hours on friday - couln't help it! So the hubbs treated me to a little weekend pick me up :]

So we went to P.Mills mall 'cause he really wanted to get some more spring shirts and some shorts... I didnt find anything i liked until i got to the CCO :] Picked up the Coral Lips set from the Antiquitease collection that came out ages ago for just $22! :]

Two Full Sized Lippies and a mini Lipglass..

L2R: Artisto-Chic, & Splendid!
[No Flash][Flash]

Artisto-Chic is very very similar to my natural lip shade, with a touch of pinky in it and I’m absolutely in love. Anyone know any colors similar/ dupes to this shade? I LOVE IT! I NEED more! lol. I might just go pick up another set of these if I can't find any permanent shade similar to this. It's actually my first Mac lipstick purchase so it was great to be able to try the lippies. (I have a few lipglass') I really loved the texture of these and they last quite awhile.

I pared my Artisto-Chic lipstick with a new Stili-Style lipliner I got from Freestyle Beauty (Similar to Sallys) in rose. I think it looks great! I also picked up a nude lip liner - which I think may be too pale for my pigmented lips :-/, as well as a ultra purple eyeliner. Can't wait to cook up a look for it! Such a spring/summer color. I'll have that post up soon :]

Also, I’ve really gotten into a health kick (again) I've lost about 20 pounds since I started exercising about a year ago, but I haven’t been to the gym since December and my eating habits have gotten worse, so I decided to get back into my old regimen... So I picked up some cute new running shorts :] Got to look cute, even at the gym :]

I also found the deal I’ve been waiting for! I've been on the lookout for a nice lighted mirror for quite awhile, and all the ones I've liked have been about $50+ at BB&Beyond... so I held out and hogged the bathroom mirror. Well I’m happy to announce I found a mirror! A Revlon Mirror to be exact for only $20!!! Boo-ya!! I knew I could find a better deal ;] Thanks to the hubs for spotting this one out of the messy pile :D

Also pictured are two Clinique products, Dramatically Different Gel moisturizer and three bars of soap for Oily/Oily-Combo skin types. The soaps leave me skin squeaky clean w/o tightness :] This gel is my HG for the summer. I don’t know why there are so many mixed reviews for this on MUA - I have an oil slick for a T-zone and this drastically changed how many Oil blotting sheets I use through out the course of a day... I LOVE IT! When the gel dries it leaves my face so smooth, almost like the feeling a primer gives you.

Friday, May 1, 2009

NYX 50% off

50% off all NYX prodcuts now through the 15th only to celebrate there 10th anniversary! This is tempting because NYX prodcuts are such good quality for the price. Im thinking of picking up the rest of the blushes i need to complete the NYX set.. lol only a few more :] I dont need anything, but there are a few things I want...

Make-up artist?

Now, I love Kim Kardashian as much as the next girl out there. And let’s not lie to ourselves... deep down inside; somewhere we all love Kim. I mean the chick almost always looks flawless! However the key word here is looks (as well as almost always – but let’s not split hairs; we don’t like those do we!? Lol). Because today I ran into an image of her on her blog that was right off the bat a fail. I don’t know, but it just really didn’t work for me.. Enough so, that it made me want to post about it! Now in all honesty, she’s a very pretty girl without makeup, as can be seen below:

And I loooveee her make-up on a regular basis:

...sometimes she goes light on the eye liner, sometimes she goes towards sexy smokey eyes...and just about; I'd say 95% of the time, Kim looks great. However there are a few occasions when I've seen Kim and thought wth... My most recent discovery, Exhibit A: 

I don’t know what Scott Barnes was thinking... Did he even really do this? Or was she just name dropping…Hmm… at any rate, I don’t see how a "makeup artists to the stars" could do this to such a pretty face. Something about it just seems so... off.

Okay - That’s it. Is it just me?? I don’t know but I just though "WTH?!" when I saw this pic, It's just too much... She’s so pretty it’s hard to mess it up, but geeze, this a prime example for me at a fail as far as make up. And to think, he’s coming out with a book! ::gag:: At any rate, since I do have a love/hate relationship with Kim, I’ll leave this post on a good note and post an image of her looking flawless like always! (love the outfit too!)


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