Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So cutteee!!

Elephants painted as pandas are led on a walkabout in Ayutthaya province, 80 km (50 miles) north of Bangkok, June 26, 2009. Five elephants were led on a walkabout to send a message to the Thai public not to ignore its elephants, the symbolic animal of Thailand. A female panda and its newborn baby in Chiang Mai zoo have captured the attention of the public. REUTERS/Sukree Sukplang (THAILAND ANIMALS SOCIETY)

So cute!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


 Kinda ticked off about this one! (lol)

So, my mom called me earlier, asking for a specific account # to make an online payment... As I rummaged through the mountains of envelopes in our entryway table drawers I came along a piece of mail labeled for yours truly. Hmm, I was very curious I quickly opened it up, and to my surprise this is what I see:

O la la! - I love shows.

Two tickets to Common's show @ The Park. I had waited and signed up extra-super-doooper-early/perfectly-on-time for these!! I was almost certain I would get the tickets, since I’m part of the BBC membership and we were allowed to sign up for them. but when they didn’t come in the mail I was upset since I had made sure to follow all rules/ guidelines =/ 

Come to find out it just got shuffled through her mess. UGH. MOM!

Cute Card!

Now, I’m sure she didn’t intentionally hide them from me, they most (read: extremely) likely got shuffled through her mail pile then eventually into the drawers... which are all 3 like a literal black holes. You just can't find stuff once it goes in those drawers... It’s like the whole lost sock via the dryer situation. 


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Anit-Paparazzi Clutch Bag.

I saw this yesterday on Kanye's blog. Genius! lol. 

Friday, July 3, 2009

TKB Pigments!

My TKB pigments came in last night after work! At first when I got home I was kind of upset because I didn’t see a box; but I shrugged it off thinking it would come in tomorrow or the day after. Later that night I logged onto the 'net and saw that USPS had confirmed that my packaged had been delivered! What?! To where?!

To my BF's - that’s where! Silly me… I must have checked off the shipping address being the same as the billing (which it’s not, he’s nice enough to buy me things I enjoy every once in awhile, but I don’t live with him) so, being the great BF that he is, he offered to go swing by his house to get my package, b/c he knew I couldn’t wait to play with them.

So here they are:

Top row from L: Apple Blossom, Artisan Coral, Blush Beige, Bolera Mica, Sparkle Rose & Smokey XXX.
Bottom Row from F: Pearl Yellow, Gold Lame, Aztec Gold, Bronze Fine, Bronzed Gold, Oriental Beige & Blackstar Gold Mica.

I tried to stick to mostly Pinks/Golds & Browns so that I could my maximize my usage, lol... Also I go to school during the day and work in the evenings so I need E/s that can carry through the day and outfit changes. I like to experiment with color, but I usually save that for the weekends or school only days (I go to Art school, we're allowed to be colorful and crazy - it’s actually kind of expected!)

I LOVE these pigments, I usually order MAC pigges from the The Body Needs. The quantity you get with TBN is 1/4th of a teaspoon... not exactly a lot to work with.Although I do love the MAC piggies, at about 2 bucks a pop I couldn’t really afford a bunch of these (I usually ordered about 6 at a time) Then, I stumbled upon a post raving about these TKD pigges so I decided to give them a try and oh boy, I LOVE them. They are SO generous!! Look at how much comes in the little ziplock bags!

You can see they are all filled to the top (3 gram jars) and there is still a BUNCH left in the bags. Wowzers, so generous - I will be ordering from them again ASAP. The sample bags contain quite a bit of pigmented goodness. The quality of the pigments are amazing, they have great staying power and are finely milled.

Now on to some swatches:

(No Flash)

L to R : Pearl Yellow, Gold Lame, Aztec Gold, Bronze Fine, Bronzed Gold, Oriental Beige & Blackstar Gold Mica.

(No Flash)

L to R : Apple Blossom, Artisan Coral, Blush Beige, Bolera Mica, Sparkle Rose & Smokey XXX.

I love them all! Can't wait to get more! Although a note of caution: Sparkle Rose is almost like a dust! When swatching it kept falling off, I tried it later wet and stayed on perfectly. If it wasn’t for the consistency I’d say this one would be a perfect dupe of MAC's Rose.

Edit: These pigments are sold in ziplock bags - not gram jars.  I have 3 gram sample jars that I buy for the purpose of storing pigments.  I find that its a lot less messy to store/play with pigments if they are in jars.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I decided to do a quick post of my outfit of the day today, as I love how comfy this outfit is. I found the skirt at F21 and fell in LOVE with it. Ah, cheap finds, sweet! I also love that It goes from school to work in a snap with change of shoes :]

What I'm wearing:
Cardi: H&M 
T-shirt: V-neck by F21
Skirt: F21
Shoes (not pictured): Steve Madden patent leather flats
for school, Black BCBG heels for work 
Belt: Vera Wang

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bowling :]

Me and the BF went bowling yesterday! It was sooo much fun! I hadn't been in such a long time so I didnt know what to expect as far as my bowl-ability skills... Heres how we started off:

If you notice I started off with 2 strikes in my 1st 3 bowls! He wasn't as good as I was to begin with, so I gave him a few pointers and here is what happened a little later:

He's beating me by one! Ugh. I should have never given him those pointers.. (He still didn't get any strikes though, and I have! Skills baby ::runs fingers through hair::) I'm so competitive,lol.  So I tried to turn up the heat a bit......Buuut I still two points!! Lord, why do guys have the ability to pick up sports (is bowling a sport?) at the drop of a dime?? Garrrr.....

Heres the victor:

(He's camera shy)

We also bowled and that was a lot of fun to, pretty quick though. Cause I crushed him in pool! (sorry babe, I had to gloat after that competitive bowling) I had all my balls in the pockets before he even had one, must have been a crazy fluke, 'cause I've seen him play pool before and he's really quite good.

His WHAT?! How-the-hell-did-that-not-go-in face :]

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mac Goodies!


Lol, I always get so excited when the UPS man comes to my house with a package :] ( Side note: My UPS guy is such a sweetheart... he always gives my doggy a little organic dog treat! )

I decided to start a MAC e/s palette! However I LOVE LOVE LOVE pigments; which is why i just made a impulse purchase of a few pigments from TKD Trading. I found out about them thanks to Lily who points to Tao as being an enabler for providing such gorgeous swatches, lol. on Tao's blog she talks about loving these piggies more than MAC, so I’m sure they have amazing quality products, I cant wait to get my order in! :]

This whole MAC haul was sparked by the F&F sale (of course) I had always shyed away from MAC e/s since I had my 120 palette, but i decided it was time to make my own! Not to mention that when I swatched Expensive Pink in the store I fell in love.
Then I saw a pic with Kim K. wearing a gorgeous gold e/s and she said it was MAC's Goldmine, so I just HAD to get that one to try it out too. Not necessarily just 'cause Kim was wearing it, but b/c I LOVE gold! :]
So heres what I picked up:

A MAC pro e/s palette ( 15 pan )

A MAC e/s palette ( 4 pan, i needed this to push my total over for free Shipping!)

MAC e/s in (top pic order):

Expensive Pink



Sushi Flower


Amber Lights

Aannnddd some swatches (sorry, my camera isn't the best):

(Top-Flash, Bottom-No flash. E/s L to R: Vanilla, Sushi Flower, Expensive Pink, Goldmine, Cork & Amber Lights)
Don't mind my fugly scar, I had a 2 second battle with my hair curler and guess who lost... needless to say I've been using Michelle Pham's method of no heat curling to get my locks wavy without having to suffer another early morning 2nd degree burn, hah. Plus no heat is a good thing for my ends!

Friday, June 26, 2009

L'Oreal is racist.

"French cosmetics giant, L’Oreal, who has hired Beyonce and other African-American
personalities to front their products is in hot water. It’s ok for us to peddle their products but not ok for us to work behind the scenes
. The highest court in France determined that executives at Garnier, L”Oreal’s beauty products division, intentionally created an all-White sales teams to promote their shampoos throughout the country, according to Blacks, Asian and Middle Eastern women were hardly ever considered for hostess positions.
In fact, a fax was issued into evidence that requested hostesses must be between 18-22 years old, wear a European size 38-42 and be BBR. Apparently, BBR stands for “bleu, blanc, rouge” or French for “blue, white, red” the colors of their French flag which is also code for white people. This ends a three-year legal battle for the L’Oreal bosses who apparently were “disappointed” by the court’s decision. They will now have to pay 30,000 Euros in fines and another 30,000 in damages.-WLW"

It's always very upsetting to hear something like this. I had never heard of these allegations prior to reading this article and this is a complete shock. It's unreal to think that in this day and age there can still be groups of people who are so ignorant. Especially in the beauty world, we should realize that there is beauty across all races and this type of ignorance only makes those who harbor such feelings look downright ugly. I myself can vow to never buy another L’Oreal item... there are other brands with similar products minus the prejudices.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The King of Pop has died.

(Image credit:

The L.A. Times has officially confirmed that Michael Jackson has died.

I got news only about an hr ago when I flipped on CNN. It's so sad, as I'm writhing this I can't fully believe he's gone. 

Apparently he collapsed earlier today in his home, and was taken to the hospital suffering cardiac arrest. It was then reported that he was in a coma; then not more than 20 minues later they confirm he died.

I can remember walking through the market in EL Salvador about a year ago and hearing MJ's songs blaring from the speakers of the corner CD vender. I got 3 albums for a buck .50 (Sorry MJ! It was a good deal =/) 

He was really such an amazing artist, and despite the controversy that followed him his true fans always loved him; including me. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE M.J., Music has always been an outlet for me, and as a Graphic Designer music brings me so much inspiration - I can't believe hes gone. I loved to listen to his music, and loved even more to WATCH him. His dance skills made me so envious! He was a musical genius damnit! I love him so much and I really can’t believe it. His relevance will withstand the test of time and he is hands down, the KING of pop and will always be. No one single artist has come close to MJ. I still can't believe him, even my mom called me to tell me how sad and unexpected this was. 
I’m sure this is horribly written but I just wanted to let of my thoughts as they came to mind.

Ask Ursula!

I read Concrete Loop every day, like- religiously! It’s a great site that showcases the latest info on black artists, actors, celebrities and the like. It's a really refreshing site because they never have anything malicious to say and are just delivering the latest info without the added drama! 

Anywho... Ask Ursula is a great series that they have where readers submit hair care related questions and Ursula answers them. Ursula is a famous celebrity hair stylist who is nice enough to share her wealth of information with Concrete Loop readers. So far she has done 3 installments of the "Ask Ursula" series, and you can read those here, here and here. Thanks to her second installment I found out about Miss Jessies' curl line, which is AMAZING. Wavy/Curly hair is so tough to find good products for and this line works wonders for me :]

You can sumbit your questions here (in the comment area) and check back for answers soon! 

Friday, June 19, 2009

Gold Digga Contest

I'm so excited! I just put in my entry for Whitz "Gold Digga" contest :] I had sooo much fun doing this contest b/c I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE gold. I mean, who doesn't? My complexion goes well with gold so of course I was super stoked when this contest won as part of a poll she had on her blog (And 'cause I voted for it, duh). Anywho, here are a few pictures:

What I used:

UDPP (Depotted into 5 gram jar)

UD Liquid Liner in Perversion

Mac "Golden Lemon" used wet (Visine!)

Maybelline XXL Extensions Mascara

NYX Grey eyebrow powder duo

Shiseido Spotcover Foundation - MY LOVE (found out about it on Whitz blog!)

Mac Select Cover-Up Concealer

Bare Minerals Warmth as a contour

Mac Bronzing powder in Bronze

Mixed Golden Lemon pigment & NYX Very clear l/g for a gloss :]

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Sooo, it’s been awhile but I just HAD to write about my most recent purchase. Since Mac is having there Friends & Family sale I decided to finally start an eye shadow palette! I've always been more of a lippie/blush person, but since its summer time I decided to get some new fresh colors to play with! I purchased a 15 pan palette and 6 eye shadows. I wont say which ones just yet - I'll save that for another post :] Now I just have to wait till my package gets here... and I hate waiting! =/

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Omg I must recreate this look at once! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I just saw it and im at work :-/ but once i get home i can play around and try to recreate this, i wish i had a closer shot of her face, her eyes look amazing!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Doesn't she look so effortlessly chic? Ugh! I love this woman! Although her music is a bit boring IMO - as she hasn't done anything out of characher lately.. her style is always on point and I love, love, LOVE it!

No, thanks.

Boyfriend offered me prunes today. Never tried them; and by the looks of them - never will.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

FOTD: Golden/Brown/Pink

Yay! blogging...I've been kind of sick lately, so I haven't been able to post as regularly as I've been trying to... Buttt, I did a FOTD, so here goes :] Its a very simple, everyday look. I used my handy dandy 120 palette :D I always have fun with that big guy!

What I used:
Eyes: 120 palette (Colors 1,2,&3), UDPP, UD liquid Liner, Lancome eyelash primer, Benefit BADgal lash. Revlon eyeliner, Victoria's Secret eyebrow pencil, & Shu Uerma curler.

Face: Bare Escentuals flawless face brush, mineral veil, & medium tan foundation, Coastal Scents: duo-fibre , Med. Chisel , and eyeliner brush. . Mac medium tan pressed powder, Rimmel Blushes in Peach, and Spicy Nude as contour.

Lips: Styli- Style Line and Seal lip pencil in Pink Rose (not pictured, oops!), and Mac lipstick in Artisto-Chic.

What I did:
I patted #1 on the 1st third of the eyelid, as well as under the brow bone as a highlight.
#2 on the ball/rest of eyelid under crease.I then used #3 in the crease.

Since I'm not feeling to well I wanted to keep the face make-up light, so I  used Bare Escentuals and a touch of Rimmel blush. Peach was used on the apples of my cheeks, and Spicy Nude was used under the cheek bone as a light contour. The lips are pretty much self explanatory, just a quick swipe of Mac's Artisto-Chic :]

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Game: Season Finale

The season finale of the CW series ‘The Game’ is airing tonight at 8:00pm EST. Check out the synopsis of the episode:

After Janay (guest star Gabrielle Dennis) has a false alarm with the baby’s delivery, Melanie (Tia Mowry) decides she wants to get married to Derwin (Pooch Hall) right away before the baby arrives, even if it means giving up her dream wedding.
When Jason (Coby Bell) is arrested for assaulting Kelly’s (Brittany Daniel) boyfriend, Kelly rushes to be by Jason’s side and the ex-couple have an emotional moment.
Tasha (Wendy Raquel Robinson) finally admits to Kelly that she was the one who set Jason up with Camille (guest star Stacey Dash) and Kelly doesn’t take the news well.
Make sure y’all give the show some support. They find out whether or not they get renewed for another season at the end of the month.

All information courtosey of

Don't forget to tune in at 8:30 tonight for the season premire! I don't want this to turn into the Series Finale!!! TUNE IN! Even if you dont like it, just tune and and have the mute button on while ur online or something! :]

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Part deux (lol) of my weekend haul, even though it's about to be next weekend! I also just took advantage of the NYX anniversary sale, so those goodies are on the way too, eek! Oh, and next Thursday is the style warrior collection - CANT WAIT! There are so many items I want from this collection. Anywho enjoy the haulage :]


From L to R: A Cute little pencil case :] Vaseline with Shea Cocoa butter, MMM. I love this stuff, but more so for the winter versus the spring. But no worries! I bought my all time favorite Lotion/Body Spray combo- Fresh & Clean from Victoria's Secret :D the notes of apple and lime give it a perfect scent for the spring; kind of reminds me of Dolce & Gabanna’s Light blue :] I also bought this Knee/Elbow Lightener from Freestyle Beauty (similar to Sallys) Darker skinned girls will totally agree that these are problem areas, no matter how much we baby them, lol. Dove Intense Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner - this is the only shampoo that leaves a long lasting scent in my hair :) not to mention it leaves my hair feeling buttery smooth! LOVES IT. Febreze – L.E. scent, told ya'll, I’m a sucker for good packaging!...Which is also why I bought the ambulance band-aids! lol Sassy NP, such a spring color, it looks great on my toesies. L'oreal Deep conditioner (Great stuff!). NYX blushes in Spice and Pinky and a Lippie in Babydoll. Soap and Glory great shakes hand lotion, this stuff smells GREAT and is quickly absorbed :] And lastly, my Stili-Style line & seal pencils, two for lips in Rose and Nude and a Eyeliner in a gorgeous shade of this purple that just POPS. Can't wait to try this on out for a look :]

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weekend Goodies! Pt.1

After a project filled week at school and work back to back.. plus litte to no sleep all week I barely had a minute to just relax... I coped with this by bottling up all my stress until I just couldnt take it anymore and slept it off for hours on friday - couln't help it! So the hubbs treated me to a little weekend pick me up :]

So we went to P.Mills mall 'cause he really wanted to get some more spring shirts and some shorts... I didnt find anything i liked until i got to the CCO :] Picked up the Coral Lips set from the Antiquitease collection that came out ages ago for just $22! :]

Two Full Sized Lippies and a mini Lipglass..

L2R: Artisto-Chic, & Splendid!
[No Flash][Flash]

Artisto-Chic is very very similar to my natural lip shade, with a touch of pinky in it and I’m absolutely in love. Anyone know any colors similar/ dupes to this shade? I LOVE IT! I NEED more! lol. I might just go pick up another set of these if I can't find any permanent shade similar to this. It's actually my first Mac lipstick purchase so it was great to be able to try the lippies. (I have a few lipglass') I really loved the texture of these and they last quite awhile.

I pared my Artisto-Chic lipstick with a new Stili-Style lipliner I got from Freestyle Beauty (Similar to Sallys) in rose. I think it looks great! I also picked up a nude lip liner - which I think may be too pale for my pigmented lips :-/, as well as a ultra purple eyeliner. Can't wait to cook up a look for it! Such a spring/summer color. I'll have that post up soon :]

Also, I’ve really gotten into a health kick (again) I've lost about 20 pounds since I started exercising about a year ago, but I haven’t been to the gym since December and my eating habits have gotten worse, so I decided to get back into my old regimen... So I picked up some cute new running shorts :] Got to look cute, even at the gym :]

I also found the deal I’ve been waiting for! I've been on the lookout for a nice lighted mirror for quite awhile, and all the ones I've liked have been about $50+ at BB&Beyond... so I held out and hogged the bathroom mirror. Well I’m happy to announce I found a mirror! A Revlon Mirror to be exact for only $20!!! Boo-ya!! I knew I could find a better deal ;] Thanks to the hubs for spotting this one out of the messy pile :D

Also pictured are two Clinique products, Dramatically Different Gel moisturizer and three bars of soap for Oily/Oily-Combo skin types. The soaps leave me skin squeaky clean w/o tightness :] This gel is my HG for the summer. I don’t know why there are so many mixed reviews for this on MUA - I have an oil slick for a T-zone and this drastically changed how many Oil blotting sheets I use through out the course of a day... I LOVE IT! When the gel dries it leaves my face so smooth, almost like the feeling a primer gives you.

Friday, May 1, 2009

NYX 50% off

50% off all NYX prodcuts now through the 15th only to celebrate there 10th anniversary! This is tempting because NYX prodcuts are such good quality for the price. Im thinking of picking up the rest of the blushes i need to complete the NYX set.. lol only a few more :] I dont need anything, but there are a few things I want...

Make-up artist?

Now, I love Kim Kardashian as much as the next girl out there. And let’s not lie to ourselves... deep down inside; somewhere we all love Kim. I mean the chick almost always looks flawless! However the key word here is looks (as well as almost always – but let’s not split hairs; we don’t like those do we!? Lol). Because today I ran into an image of her on her blog that was right off the bat a fail. I don’t know, but it just really didn’t work for me.. Enough so, that it made me want to post about it! Now in all honesty, she’s a very pretty girl without makeup, as can be seen below:

And I loooveee her make-up on a regular basis:

...sometimes she goes light on the eye liner, sometimes she goes towards sexy smokey eyes...and just about; I'd say 95% of the time, Kim looks great. However there are a few occasions when I've seen Kim and thought wth... My most recent discovery, Exhibit A: 

I don’t know what Scott Barnes was thinking... Did he even really do this? Or was she just name dropping…Hmm… at any rate, I don’t see how a "makeup artists to the stars" could do this to such a pretty face. Something about it just seems so... off.

Okay - That’s it. Is it just me?? I don’t know but I just though "WTH?!" when I saw this pic, It's just too much... She’s so pretty it’s hard to mess it up, but geeze, this a prime example for me at a fail as far as make up. And to think, he’s coming out with a book! ::gag:: At any rate, since I do have a love/hate relationship with Kim, I’ll leave this post on a good note and post an image of her looking flawless like always! (love the outfit too!)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Style Warrior Collection

I’m sooo excited for the Syle Warrior collection. Aside from the fact that I have a super soft spot for packaging - and these babies are GORGEOUS, Im a NC40 and I really see these colors working amazingly well with my complexion :] The Eversun blush is already a must for me (peach and gold!), but the skin sheen and lustre drops are drool worthy! and the Solar bits - I mean c'mon the name is enough to make me reach for one…in Scatterrays to be exact :] I can't wait! This collection is going to do some damage to my wallet, lol.

The collection drops May 21st! It's not for another few weeks, so that gives me more than enough time to stash some dough. 

Images and prices curtosey of the fresh fiends' lifestyle blog:

Lipstick $14
Sunsational - Sheer frosted beige gold
Brave New Bronze - Creamy mid-tone pink nude
Purple Rite - Mid-tone frosty orchid
Tribalist - Creamy blackened berry

Lipglass $14
Liberated - Sheer yellow gold with pearl
Gold Rebel - Sheer copper bronze with pearl
Fierce & Fabulous - Bright magenta purple with pearl
Style Warrior - Blackened bronze brown with pearl

Eyeshadow $14.50
Soft Force - Frosty pale white gold
Bright Future - Frosty bright yellow gold
Tempting - Sinfully rich coco
Vibrant Grape - Bright magenta purple
Night Maneuvers - Deep charcoal brown with pearl

Eye Kohl $14.50
Smolder - Intense black

Pro Lash Mascara $12
Coal Black - Honest-to-goodness black

Beauty Powder Blush $18

Eversun - Neutral peach bronze with gold pearl
On A Mission - Pearly mid-tone plum

Solar Bits $19.50
Scatterrays - Soft metallic peach with gold pearl
Bronzescape - Clean yellow brown with gold pearl
Impassioned - Frosty cool taupe

Nail Lacquer $11
Peaceable - Pearly pale golden beige
Violet Fire - Bright creamy magenta purple
Mercenary - Frosted blackened bronze

Brush $23
242 - Firm fibre Brush with rounded edge for smooth, even application of powder, emollient and concealer products

Bronzing Powder $21

Solar Riche - Mid-tone deep orange brown
Refined Golden - Finely spun golden with soft pearl finish

Lustre Drops $18.50

Pink Rebel - Blue pink with gold pearl
Sun Rush - Peachy bronze with gold pearl
Bronze Hero - Hot bronze with fine gold pearl

Skinsheen $22.50
Medium Dark - Sheer soft bronze with golden tan pearl
Dark - Golden bronze
Deep Dark - Deep warm bronze with rich golden pearl

Iridescent Loose Powder $21
Golden Bronze - Golden brown with golden bronze shimmer

Brush $45
182 Buffer - A full, dome-shaped brush of extra soft goat hair

mac piggies

YAY!! My Mac pigments came in!! Well, they actually came in yesterday but my aunt flow came in and man was she a bitch. I had two 3hr classes, then work and by the time I came home all I wanted to do was take some Tylenol and lie down =\
However I'm feeling much better today and am in a great mood and have copious amounts of energy that seriously came out of nowhere! So I’m capitalizing on my newfound energy and multitasking: Homework, chatting on AIM, texting, catching up reading blogs and uploading some new images onto my Deviant art page :]

So without further ado, here are my little babies that came in:


From Top left: Rose Gold Frost, Naked, Jardin Aires, Electric Coral, Melon and Basic Red.

(No flash)



From left: Rose Gold Frost, Naked, Jardin Aires, Electric Coral, Melon and Basic Red.

I can already say I’m getting a full size of Melon, Rose Gold and Jardin Aires. I love these samples! They are a perfect way to get colors you know you won’t be able to finish, or you know you won’t be using too often; as the sample amount would last quite awhile. And for around two bucks a pop these aren’t bad at all!

I’d say get a friend and split the shipping if you can. Me and a friend are doing that - I just got these and I’m already ordering more! lol I can't help myself! After this next order, no more! Im going to go on Lolipop26's Project 10 pan make-up diet. Gotta save for the Style Warroir collection! :]


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