Tuesday, July 7, 2009


 Kinda ticked off about this one! (lol)

So, my mom called me earlier, asking for a specific account # to make an online payment... As I rummaged through the mountains of envelopes in our entryway table drawers I came along a piece of mail labeled for yours truly. Hmm, I was very curious I quickly opened it up, and to my surprise this is what I see:

O la la! - I love shows.

Two tickets to Common's show @ The Park. I had waited and signed up extra-super-doooper-early/perfectly-on-time for these!! I was almost certain I would get the tickets, since I’m part of the BBC membership and we were allowed to sign up for them. but when they didn’t come in the mail I was upset since I had made sure to follow all rules/ guidelines =/ 

Come to find out it just got shuffled through her mess. UGH. MOM!

Cute Card!

Now, I’m sure she didn’t intentionally hide them from me, they most (read: extremely) likely got shuffled through her mail pile then eventually into the drawers... which are all 3 like a literal black holes. You just can't find stuff once it goes in those drawers... It’s like the whole lost sock via the dryer situation. 



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