Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bowling :]

Me and the BF went bowling yesterday! It was sooo much fun! I hadn't been in such a long time so I didnt know what to expect as far as my bowl-ability skills... Heres how we started off:

If you notice I started off with 2 strikes in my 1st 3 bowls! He wasn't as good as I was to begin with, so I gave him a few pointers and here is what happened a little later:

He's beating me by one! Ugh. I should have never given him those pointers.. (He still didn't get any strikes though, and I have! Skills baby ::runs fingers through hair::) I'm so competitive,lol.  So I tried to turn up the heat a bit......Buuut I still lost..by two points!! Lord, why do guys have the ability to pick up sports (is bowling a sport?) at the drop of a dime?? Garrrr.....

Heres the victor:

(He's camera shy)

We also bowled and that was a lot of fun to, pretty quick though. Cause I crushed him in pool! (sorry babe, I had to gloat after that competitive bowling) I had all my balls in the pockets before he even had one, must have been a crazy fluke, 'cause I've seen him play pool before and he's really quite good.

His WHAT?! How-the-hell-did-that-not-go-in face :]


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